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Region 5 - West Texas COC&I Meeting Minutes

Call to order 3:15 p.m.

Region 5 chairman Xiled Biker Trash began meeting with inspirational speech about importance of what we are doing inside the CoC&I and what are goals are.

Following roll call, discussed HB 2918 and the CTA associated with it – get it done if not already done.  Discussed ways to stay informed about CTA’s, including how Region 5 Defenders have a Facebook presence, and the United Clubs Big Country website.  West Texas Defender commander Xiled Shaky introduced his Lt. Commanders, Zapatista MC Rock and Iron Horse MC – Preacher.  He went on to fill us all in on legislature dealing with lane splitting , the money paid in to the state by bikers and how that money was currently being misused, the red light bill, and Malory’s law.

Discussion on the points of the constitution that support and protect our patches from government b.s. that they are attempting to pull on the Mongols.  Everyone in agreement that today’s party to raise money for “Save the Patch” was important, as our constitutional rights should never be infringed by tyrannical actions of any government entity.

Bandido Silver recognized and thanked those people (and there were many) who volunteered to clean up the party site.  He had those people stand, then asked them to take one more step in helping today – they passed the hat to raise money for Region 5 CoC&I and Save the Patch.

Discussed upcoming parties.

Motion made, seconded, and majority vote followed and passed to raise CoC&I dues to $200 next year (2016).

Next meeting May 9th , 2 p.m. with United Clubs to follow is at V-Twin Landing in conjunction with the Bandido  Cinco de Mayo party.