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Region 2 - DFW

Update for March

Everyone, it's time to start working on 2015 proclamations. Last year DFW Region 2 riders received proclamations from 99 cities and 1 county. That's outstanding work! Much respect and appreciation to all who participate each year to make motorcycle awareness successful.

Representation counts. Your chapter needs to set up a few proclamations that others in the area can support. If your new to the proclamation campaign, seek the help and advice of our Region 2 Safety & Awareness Coordinator.  Her email is listed below. If you can't set one up then check the board for  proclamations in your area and get your chapter signed on as support.

Every time we show up to a city council meeting to receive a proclamation, that's more city or county officials that are seeing bikers as respectful members of the community. It also opens a few doors for later when our "Share the Road" Committees come to their city or county meetings to request installation of "Share the Road" signs.

Please send a list of cities that your chapter will be setting up or attending this year to Butterfly as soon as possible. We'll need everyone's information to get the proclamations board set up and rolling for this year.  Go to the Proclamations Campaign Board. Also, contact Butterfly if you need help setting up any meetings.


Past COC&I Meetings Notes:  January 28, 2015


Dallas/Ft. Worth Region COC&I Officers

Chairman - Wolverines MC - "Iron Mike" - mdrutter@earthlink.net

Eastside Vice Chairman - Sons of the South MC - "Reaper" - sots.reaper@gmail.com

Westside Vice Chairman - American Steel MC - "Lil Jerry" - jerryblum_tx@yahoo.com

Secretary/Treasurer - Forsaken Horsemen MC - Keith "Heavyweight" - fhmc_2013@sbcglobal.com

Sergeant at Arms - Leathernecks MC - "Judge" - judge.rwb@gmail.com

Chaplain - Soldiers for Jesus MC - "Hogie" - bosshogie@aol.com

Christian Unity Liaison - Bikers For Christ MM Pancho - joelbeal@netzero.com


Dallas/Ft. Worth Region C.O.I.R. Officers

Unit Commander - Jimbo - ghost@aircanopy.net
Lieutenant Commander - Robin "Queen Vicius" Warfield - robin_warfield@yahoo.com

Safety & Awareness Team

Coordinator - Forsaken Horsemen MC - "Mack" - fhmcmack@gmail.com

Dallas/Ft. Worth Region US Defenders Officers

Commander - Sons of Liberty MC - Mel "Butch" - gunbarreltx@gmail.com