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*** Urgent - Call to Action ***


Stand strong and tall Texas! 

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CTA - May 27, 2015 - Freedom of Association  - Justice for All! 

Together in solidarity is how we fight to protect our rights! 

The freedom of association is an American right, not a privilege!

What is the CTA about?

The freedom of association is an American right, not a privilege. An individual is not guilty of a crime that they did not participate in or play a part in. Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, regardless of the ultimate outcome of this incident, does not justify incarceration or excessively punitive bail for 170+ individuals.

Thomas Paul Landers like many others is being charged with organized crime and being held on $1 million bail because of exercising his fundamental rights of association and expression. The purpose for Mr. Landers presence at Twin Peaks was purely political in nature as Mr. Landers is, irrefutably, a prominent motorcycle rights advocate in Texas and Across America.

It is unjust to sacrifice an individual's access to due process and the right to free association for the purpose of prosecutorial convenience. The scope of the tragedy does not usurp absolute and fundamental freedoms demanded by the constitution. Promoting fear to justify draconian actions is untenable and deplorable.

The deprivations occurring in Texas are impacting the doctrine of freedom everywhere. Justice demands the immediate release of Thomas Paul Landers and others! Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is not a crime. Punishing people because they were responsibly gathering to participate in the democratic process sends the wrong message to Texas and the nation. Remember, even in the face of tragedy, those that sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither. And this is incontrovertibly an issue of freedom of expression and association in a free society.


What can I do?     

Action 1- Call the Department of Justice, Department of Public Safety, and the State Attorney General

Department of Justice - Phone  888-736-5551 (main)  or 202-514-3847  Civil Rights Division – 202-514-4609

DPS - Brad Schamber - Phone 512-424-5084 Email - bradley.schamber@dps.texas.gov

State Attorney General Ken Paxton - Phone 512-463-2050 (press office)  877-673-6839 (Open governemnt hotline) Email - ken.paxton@texasattorneygeneral.gov


"Hi my name is <<insert name>>.  I am a biker, voter and concerned citizen. The people being held in the McLennan County Jail and on a blanket charge has me worried about my own rights and safety. Since, they have been arrested and face charges for being a part of a club or attending the COC meeting, does this mean I am also at risk of arrest by association? I am demanding the release of those that were not inolved with what happened as they were only there for a political meeting."

Action 2 - Alert the Media to get involved with this breaking news

Dallas Morning News214-977-8222 

New York Times888-698-6397 - national@nytimes.com 

NPR – National Public Radio202-334-7410 

Reuters - 646-223-4000 - editor.reuters@reuters.com

Waco Tribune254-757-5757- goingson@wacotrib.com

Washington Post202-334-7410 - national@washpost.com

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